“It was all Ada’s Idea. She’s a Green Queen, for Real!”

We’ve got a story that’s about changing the way you think about weddings. Joining us this week are Nath and Ada (prounounced AY-DA), the dynamic duo who just threw the most eco-friendly wedding Abuja has ever seen.  


W: Welcome, guys! Thanks for being here. 

Ada: What’s good? We’re pumped to be here. Thanks for having us. 

Emeka: Yeah, it’s dope. We’re happy to share our story. 

W: So, let’s dive in. What made you decide on an eco-friendly wedding? That’s a pretty bold move! 

Emeka: Oh, it was all Ada’s idea. She’s a green queen, for real. She’s all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. And I’m all about making her happy, so I was like, “Let’s do this!” We both wanted our wedding to be a reflection of what we care about, you know?. 

Ada: Yeah, for sure. I mean, why not, right? If we can throw a party and still be kind to the planet, that’s a win-win. We wanted to show that you can have a blast without creating a ton of waste. It’s all about being mindful and having fun at the same time. 

If we can throw a party and still be kind to the planet, that’s a win-win…


W: Love that. So, tell us about some of the eco-friendly touches you added to the wedding. I’m sure folks are curious. 

Ada: Oh, we had a ton of cool stuff. The invitations were on recycled paper, and we asked people to RSVP online to save paper. For decorations, we used potted plants from a local nursery. They looked amazing, and after the wedding, we donated them to a community garden. 

Emeka: And the centerpieces were these dope upcycled glass bottles with succulents in them. We had a little sign that said, “Take me home!” and people loved it. We didn’t want any single-use plastics, so we had bamboo straws and compostable cutlery. Even the food was locally sourced and organic. It was like a mini eco-festival! 

W: Wow, you guys really went all out. How did your guests react to all the eco-friendly stuff? Was everyone on board? 

Emeka: Yeah, at first, some folks were like, “Okay, this is different.” But once they got there, everyone was vibing. People started taking the succulents home as souvenirs, and we had a recycling station for bottles and cans. It was cool seeing everyone getting into it. 

Ada: For sure. My family was all about it. My aunties were taking pictures with the plants, asking where they could get the same ones. I told them it’s easy, just find a nursery! And my friends were digging the whole eco-friendly vibe. It was a chill atmosphere, and everyone just had a great time.

W: Sounds like the perfect party! Any advice for others who want to throw an eco-friendly wedding but might not know where to start?

Ada: Totally! Start small. You don’t have to go all out from the get-go. Maybe start with the invites or the decorations. Find local vendors who share your eco-friendly goals; don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s your day, so make it yours.

Emeka: Yeah, and don’t stress about it too much. If you’re having fun and keeping it real, people will go with the flow. The best part is knowing that you’re making a positive impact while celebrating your love. That’s something everyone can get behind.

W: Wise words. Thanks for sharing your story, Ada and Emeka. We wish you both all the best. Keep spreading those eco-friendly vibes!

Ada: Thanks! We had a blast.

Emeka: Yeah, thanks for having us. Stay green, fam!


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