“A Mutual Friend Dragged Us to a Beach Cleanup…”

Hey, beach buddies! For this week’s Green Story, we’re diving into a heartwarming tale of love and environmentalism with our awesome couple, Tolu and Emeka. They’ll be spilling the beans on how a beach cleanup led them to discover more than just trash.  


W: Welcome, Tolu and Emeka! 

Tolu: Hey, what’s up, everyone? Thanks for having us. 

Emeka: Yo, thanks for having us, fam. 

W: So, spill it, lovebirds! How did you two meet? 

Well, let’s NOT say we became recycling pros overnight! But we learned all about separating plastics, paper, and glass, and how important it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Emeka: Yeah, and amidst all the trash talk, I couldn’t help but notice this amazing girl picking up litter like a boss. 

Tolu: What?! Let’s not let him lie o. I noticed him beauce he was doing everything but actually pick up trash, which is what we came there to do. I casually asked my friend about him and she said he said “this babe looks so serious, it’s like she’ll throw you in the ocean if she catches you misbehaving.” 

W: Love was definitely NOT in the air! So, how did you guys go from beach enemies to a couple? 

Emeka: Well, me I remember things differently sha. After the cleanup, I approached her and we exchanged numbers and started hanging out more. We bonded over our newfound love for the environment and what would become our shared passion for making a difference. 

Tolu: And before we knew it, we were inseparable! 

W: That’s incredible! So, what’s next for the dynamic duo of Tolu and Emeka? 

Tolu: Well, we’re planning to volunteer at more environmental initiatives together and spread awareness about the importance of recycling and keeping our beaches clean. 

Emeka: Yeah, and who knows? Maybe one day we’ll have our own beach cleanup crew, making waves and saving the planet one trash bag at a time. 

W: What a beautiful journey! Thank you both for sharing your inspiring story with us today. Keep shining your eco-friendly light, Tolu and Emeka! 

Tolu: Thanks for having us! Let’s keep the beach vibes alive, fam. 

Emeka: Yeah, stay green, y’all! 


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