This Millenial’s Mom Ran a Lowkey Recycling Center at Home

This week, we’re diving into a story that’s both hilarious and relatable. Joining us is Chinedu, who’ll be sharing his wild ride growing up in a household filled with upcycled food containers and hand-me-downs. 


Chinedu: Hey, what’s up, y’all? Thanks for having me.

W: So, spill the tea, Chinedu. What was it like growing up in your crib?

Chinedu: Oh man, it was like living in a recycling center! My mom was the queen of upcycling. You name it – ice cream tubs, yogurt containers, even empty cereal boxes – she’d find a way to repurpose them. Our kitchen cabinets were a treasure trove of reused goodies.

W: Recycling center is sending me!

…It’s all about keeping the tradition alive! My mom’s upcycling skills and the hand-me-down hustle taught me the importance of being resourceful.


Chinedu: I’m not even kidding you. You’ll open the fridge to snack on something and find Egusi soup in a brand new ice cream container.

W: That’s epic! The exact Nigerian childhood experience tbh. But what about the fashion scene in your household?

Chinedu: Let’s just say, if you wanted the freshest threads, you had to wait for my older brothers to outgrow them. I was forever rocking hand-me-downs from my three older bros. It was like a never-ending fashion relay race.

W: Sounds like a whole vibe!

Chinedu: Honestly, at first, I was low-key embarrassed. I mean, who wants to show up to school wearing the same hoodie their big bro wore two years ago, right? But over time, I embraced it. It became a part of my swag, you know?

W: Totally get that. But here’s the real tea – why on earth would you wanna traumatize your own future kids with the same deal?

Chinedu: Ah, my friend, it’s all about keeping the tradition alive! My mom’s upcycling skills and the hand-me-down hustle taught me the importance of being resourceful and appreciating what you have. Plus, it’s a surefire way to bond with the fam and pass down those legendary stories.

W: Respect, respect. So, how do you plan to keep the legacy going?

Chinedu: Oh, you already know! I’m stocking up on those empty containers and scouting the thrift stores for the dopest hand-me-downs. My future kids won’t know what hit ’em. It’s all about keeping the vibe alive and spreading those good Lagos vibes, you feel me?

W: Absolutely, Chinedu! Thanks for dropping some wisdom on us today. Keep rocking those hand-me-downs and upcycling like a boss.

Chinedu: No doubt, fam. Stay lit, Lagos!


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