“My Date Trashed An Empty PET Bottle By The Roadside…”

This week, we have a Lagos love Story, Almost. From the streets of this bustling metropolis, joining us is the vivacious Ifeoma, who’ll be sharing her unforgettable experience of a date gone awry when the gentleman that was dining her, casually threw plastic on the road. 


W: Tell us about your Lagos love story.

Ifeoma: LOL! Oh, where do I even begin? It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and I met up with this guy, let’s call him Tunde, whom I met through a mutual friend. We’d be chatting for a week or so. He seemed charming enough, so I agreed to go on a lunch date with him at this fancy restaurant in VI.

W: Sounds delightful! 

Tunde carried the half empty bottle of water with him. We got outside and he casually tossed the empty bottle onto the roadside!


W: Sounds delightful! 

Ifeoma: Indeed, everything was going smoothly. He was a proper gentleman, I told him what I wanted on the menu and then gave our orders to the waiter. I was having quinoa and salmon, so I wanted a glass of wine to pair with. We waited until the waiter brought us our drinks and saw that Tunde ordered just a bottle of water, and I couldn’t help but notice something odd about that.

W: That’s certainly eyebrow-raising. What did you make of it?

Ifeoma: At first, I thought it was a harmless quirk, you know, like an introvert who doesn’t like talking or something. Apparently, he didn’t drink at all. It was refreshing, actually, to see an adult male who abstains from alcohol just because.

W: Okay, sounds like all that ends well, right?

Ifeoma: Right. He had pasta. A typcial Lagos restaurant hopper. Pasta and water? What happened to freshly squeezed juice? Anyway, that was the sanest thing he did because as we were leaving the restaurant, Tunde carried the half-empty bottle of water with him. We got outside and he casually tossed the empty bottle onto the roadside!

W: Oh no, that doesn’t sound good. What was going through your mind at that moment?

Ifeoma: I was stunned! I mean, who does that? It felt like a scene straight out of a sitcom. I couldn’t believe that someone so put together would be so careless and indifferent about littering, especially in a city like Lagos.

W: Completely understandable. But, did you confront Tunde about his actions?

Ifeoma: I did! I politely expressed my disappointment and explained why it bothered me. I said I would go back with him inside the restaurant to drop the empty bottle, but he just shrugged it off, saying he didn’t see the big deal and that if they cared about it they would have put a bin outside. Needless to say, that was our first and last date.

W: Wow, what a turn of events! So, did you ever hear from Tunde again?

Ifeoma: Surprisingly, yes! He actually reached out a few days later, asking how I was and whether I wanted to hang out again. But I politely declined. My girlfriend said I was overreacting and that maybe he was distracted. I couldn’t shake off the image of him casually tossing that bottle away, you know?

W: Absolutely. Because hey, if your date can’t handle a simple act like properly disposing of a bottle, they might not be worth a second chance!

Ifeoma: Wise words indeed. Thank you, and wish me luck in my future dating adventures.

W: You have it!


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